Magic Mirror

An Information Radiator for home

Inspired by various other projects online, most notably this one by Michael Teeuw, I thought I’d make my own.

It displays the current time, local weather and a summary of the next trains into London.

I think the trickiest part was finding a UK stockist of two-way mirrors for a reasonable price. For this reason I went with acrylic for the mirror – it’s darker, more warped and more prone to scratching than a real glass mirror, but keeps the cost manageable.

Here’s a quick run-down of the parts involved…


  • Raspberry Pi B+
  • Raspberry Pi 7″ screen
  • USB Wifi adapter
  • 30x30cm acrylic mirror
  • 30x30cm wooden frame
  • Some thin board to mount everything on
  • Duct tape to hold everything together

Software and sources:

  • A tiny Python script to grab some data and work out how long until the next train to London.
  • PyGame (to arrange and composite the information)
  • OpenWeatherMap API for local weather information.
  • owfont for weather symbols.

More detail on the train time information for the UK: